Nancy has worked as a writer and editor in the magazine business for years, with staff positions at Rolling Stone, Good Housekeeping, InStyle, and DuJour. Her writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and Health. She is currently a contributor to Town & Country, Medium, CrimeReads, Purist, JStor Daily, Mystery Scene Magazine, Publishers’ Weekly, and The Strand.

Stories from Town & Country:

Who Was The Gilded Age’s Stanford White?
Interview with Julia Quinn, author of ‘Bridgerton’
Lady Whistledown and Bridgerton
Could the Windsors Have Saved the Romanovs?
What Really Happened to Natalie Wood?
The True Story of Gianni Versace’s Murder
How Jackie Kennedy Became a Powerful Book Editor After Leaving the White House
Victoria and Abdul: The Real Story Behind the Queen’s Most Unlikely Friendship
Will the Real Anastasia Romanov Please Stand Up?
What Does ‘The White Princess’ Get Wrong?
11 Society Feuds That Should be Turned Into a Television Show
The Real-Life Drama That Inspired ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’
Hollywood’s Greatest Real-Life Love Stories
The Greatest Love Stories of All Time
The True Story of Victoria and Albert’s Love Affair
What Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Day Was Really Like
Inside the Custody Battle for 10-Year-Old Heiress Gloria Vanderbilt

Stories from CrimeReads:

The Dark Side of the Jazz Age
The Art of Writing About Organized Crime, and the Rise and Fall of the New York Mafia

Reviews from Willow and Thatch:

Downton Abbey: A New Era
The Favourite
The Phantom Thread
The Wings of the Dove

Stories from The Crime Report:

UK Arrest Reveals Ransomware Threat to Music Industry
Think Your Phone is Spying on You? So’s Your Dishwasher
The Rise and Fall of the Teflon Don
Mystery Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty in Milestone Case
Mystery Writer’s Award Ignites Furor Over Central Park Five
Imprisoned US Jihadists Called “Ticking Time Bomb” By ISIS Expert
US Braces for Cyber Attack at Elections
The Triumph of the Crime Reporter
True Lies: Fake Video Technology Called “Toxic” Threat to National Security
“Keep Out” Warnings Goad Skilled Hackers to Try Harder: Study
The Shadow World of Immigrant Youth Detention
The Revival of ISIS
Can We Prevent a Drone Attack?

Stories from DuJour:

Unraveling the Mysterious Death of Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas
For Better or Norse: The Real World of the Vikings
Room Request: The W in New Orleans
Summer Fiction Review

Stories from Mystery Scene Magazine:

The Short Fiction of Daphne du Maurier (PDF)
Berlin Noir: Philip Kerr (PDF)

Stories from Jstor Daily:

Gunpowder Plot Redux

Stories from Purist:

The Last Dalai Lama?
Interview with Mary Louise Parker
Summer’s 18 Must-Reads

Stories from Lifetime/A&E:

The Surprising Truth About Twins
How to Spot an Abusive Teen Relationship

Stories from The Vintage News:

The tragic life of Mary Queen of Scots
Nancy Sinatra dies at 101
Britain’s Cold Case: the Princes in the Tower
Just who is D.B. Cooper?
Breakthrough discovery on 13th century parchment kept in Vatican Secret Archives created a new mystery
Blanche Blackwell, lover of Ian Fleming and Jamaican heiress, dies at age 104
Why ordering a hit on “Big Paul” Castellano at Sparks Steak House was John Gotti’s big mistake

Stories from the Wall Street Journal:

Medieval Chic: Retro Fashion That’s Actually Beautiful (Subscription required)
Hollywood’s Gift to the Novel (Subscription required)

Interviews from The Big Thrill:

Rhys Bowen: Turning Point
Ian Rankin: When the Devil’s in the Details
Megan Abbott: Between the Lines
Charlaine Harris: Extraordinary Characters Hiding Among the Ordinary

Stories from Closer:

Tina Turner: Simply the Best at 77 (PDF)

Stories from Parade magazine:

Ken Turns 50 Years Old
Budget Dining With Friends
Archie Bunker, 40 Years Later

Stories from

Historical Basis for Incest Theme of “Game of Thrones”
Recap of all episodes of PBS series “Wolf Hall”
Interview with Ben Miles on “Wolf Hall”
What Went Wrong with Henry VIII?

Stories from Entertainment Weekly:

Review of Walter Koenig memoir
Review of Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us
Review of Masterpiece Theatre: A Celebration of 25 Years of Outstanding Television

Stories from Time Out New York Kids magazine:

Holiday Movies Set in New York City
Jim Henson Exhibit Comes to NYC